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Board Policy


One of the primiary responsibilities of a Board of Education is to create and approve policies that govern the district.

Our experienced team conducts thorough research and benchmarking to ensure that school districts' policies reflect best practices in the education field. By staying current with emerging trends and innovative approaches, we help school boards create policies that address evolving needs and support the district's goals and vision. This is crucial for school boards as modern policies enhance educational effectiveness, adaptability, and responsiveness to changing student and community needs.

Our firm specializes in conducting comprehensive policy audits for schools and districts, ensuring that outdated policies are identified and assessed for relevance and compliance. This is crucial for school boards to do as outdated policies can lead to inconsistencies, legal risks, and ineffective decision-making, hindering a district's ability to provide a safe and equitable learning environment. 

If retained to conduct your district's policy audit, we offer the following:

  • Policy Analysis: Detailed evaluation of current policies to identify necessary adjustments in line with state-specific regulations.

  • Policy Revision Consultation: Collaborative guidance with school boards to craft clear, concise, and modernized policies that reflect current educational standards and legal mandates.

  • Training & Support: Comprehensive assistance and training for school boards and district staff throughout the policy revision process, ensuring effective implementation and understanding of updated policies.

With our support, we believe your district will promote a shared understanding and ownership of the policies, leading to improved compliance, stakeholder engagement, and the successful implementation of district-wide initiatives. 


We understand that our clients are not just districts and schools, but ultimately the students that they are designed to serve. As fellow educators, we are committed to acting with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Zeal is unlike any other consulting firm because we guarantee complete and total satisfaction on any service we provide, or we will start over.

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