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Strategic Planning

World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mike Tyson, said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." We believe that strategic planning is essential for high-performing organizations, but most plans are designed to sit on a shelf in thick three-ring binders. Those plans do not work. 

We use a strategic planning method that ensures the plans we create are living documents, highly-adaptable, and most importantly have the commitment of our client's stakeholders. Although fully customizable to suit your needs, most of our plans include: 

  • Analysis of the district's needs

  • Workshops that both inform and inspire commitment to change

  • A one-page strategic plan that is clear, concise and actionable

  • Measurable goals that can be monitored and adjusted

  • A platform and system for Board-level accountability 

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we start over

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