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Alyssa Sabbatino


Alyssa Sabbatino, a dedicated and accomplished National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), brings a wealth of experience in education and consultation to her roles. Currently serving as the Director of Teaching and Learning and Acting Principal in Schodack, NY, Alyssa oversees and co-creates academic and social-emotional curricula rooted in differentiation, visible learning, and student-centered strategies for grades PreK-12.

In her extensive career, Alyssa has excelled as a Professional Development Leader and Consultant, specializing in Restorative Practices, Trauma-Informed Care, Social Emotional Learning, Classroom Management, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and Curricular Development. Her expertise extends to instructional design, differentiation training for teachers, and aligning curriculum to learning standards.

As an Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement in Mechanicville, Alyssa led and coached instructional coaches, paraprofessionals, teacher mentors, student teachers, and new teachers through orientation and ongoing Professional Learning Communities. Her leadership also extended to the creation and oversight of an Alternative Learning Program for Middle School to engage at-risk students and improve attendance.

Alyssa's commitment to educational excellence is further evident in her role as a Capital Area School Development (CASDA) Trainer since 2017. In this capacity, she trains educational administrators in Restorative Practices, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Initiatives, and Data-Driven Instruction, contributing to the professional development of educators across different levels of education.

Throughout her career, Alyssa has held various impactful roles, including Associate Principal in Hudson, NY, where she organized and supported strategic initiatives around student engagement, and as an Engagement Dean of Students at Keane Elementary School in Schenectady, NY, where she created restorative practice interventions for students and staff.

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