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Anna Wamack


Anna Wamack brings a unique blend of expertise in finance, human resources, and education to her role at Zeal Education Group. With a strong foundation in financial management and human resources, Anna has demonstrated her ability to navigate the complexities of both fields in an educational setting.

Anna holds a BBA from Northwood University, an MBA from the University of Southern Indiana, and is furthering her education by pursuing an EdD in Educational Leadership at Central Michigan University, underlining her commitment to growth and leadership in the education sector. As the Director of Business Operations and Human Resources, Anna has balanced financial oversight with comprehensive human resource management, contributing to seamless and effective operations within the school district. Alongside these responsibilities, she has actively participated in various professional committees and initiatives, further enhancing her expertise and influence in the field.

Anna's achievements extend beyond her primary role; she has been a key presenter on topics such as "9 Strategies for a Better Budget for Kids," demonstrating her commitment to fiscal responsibility and student-focused budgeting. Additionally, her involvement with the Michigan School Business Official's Finance Committee showcases her dedication to improving financial practices in education at a state level. Her leadership roles also include serving on the executive board for Saginaw Valley School Business Officials and the Education Advisory Committee for ASBO International. These positions reflect her broad reach and influence in educational finance and administration. In the HR sphere, Anna's accomplishments are particularly noteworthy. She has authored a published article in a professional HR magazine and co-authored a book on talent acquisition, highlighting her innovative approaches and thought leadership in human resources. These contributions underscore her growing impact in both the financial and HR aspects of educational administration. 

Anna's approach is characterized by her certification as a Human Resources Specialist and Chief Financial Officer, coupled with insights gained from the Dale Carnegie Course on Effective Communications and human Relations. This combination ensures that her strategies are both financially sound and people-focused. She is passionate about driving financial stability and creating enriching work environments in education.

Anna was the recipient of the Michigan School Business Officials' School Business Official of the Year award in 2024.

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