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Bill de la Cruz


Bill de la Cruz, MBA, is an inspiring leader who has been guiding individuals and groups through the process of personal transformation as a mediator, presenter, keynote speaker and facilitator for 30 years. He delivers and facilitates leadership development, bias awareness, and bias deconstruction workshops across the country. Bill has developed his programs and workshops to help individuals, groups, and organizations to build self-awareness, enhance relationships and support to foster positive, sustainable personal and leadership growth. These steps lead to a more diverse, and inclusive organizational culture. Bill has been on his own personal growth journey for more than 40 years which inspired him to develop specific practices designed to help create positive, lasting change.


Bill has published two books including, “Finding the Origination Point, Understanding Our Biases to Create a More Peaceful World.” Bill’s book supports people in working through blame, shame, and judgment through an acceptance of our shared humanity. By using self-awareness to normalize the bias conversation, we increase our understanding of the experiential and emotional origination point and narratives of personal bias. The origin point of our biases is the point of understanding and healing.

Normalizing bias conversations allows us to talk about how our past experiences play a role in our personal interactions. Bill uses the processes in Finding the Origination Point conversations to talk about personal influence, the power of narratives and daily practices to disrupt life patterns that no longer serve us in our personal and professional lives. The Origination Point also explores the connection of how individual biased experiences are transferred into communities, organizations, schools, and human cultures.

Bill’s second book, Flipping Failure: A Blueprint for Self-Growth and Transformation, is a book that is designed as a facilitated process to promote personal growth and sustainable change.

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