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Chris Wester


Chris Wester is a 23-year educator with over a decade of school leadership experience including diverse roles within the education sector. These leadership experiences in public and private schools include teaching, athletic direction, program creation, curriculum design, boarding, and international school oversight. Chris has led the Florida Council of Independent Schools accreditation teams, and has served on local Rotary and Chamber of Commerce committees to assist others while promoting schools. In addition, Wester helped lead the Clay County Schools, Florida academy curriculum design resulting in the development of county-wide school specializations for student programming at each school location. 

As a hands-on, mission-driven leader, Chris has immersed himself in the various departments within schools to ensure quality and to maintain excellence. He has led admissions teams resulting in 50% increases in enrollment, and well as successful school and program marketing campaigns. Through community outreach efforts, Chris has established local, national, and international partnerships with companies which increased financial and program support for schools and children.

Throughout his career, Wester has demonstrated improvements in student recruitment, curriculum design, professional development, strategic planning, advancement, and community outreach. He understands that the culture of an organization is a fragile ecosystem that requires healthy leadership to sustain.

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