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Coretta Martin


Coretta Martin brings to the table a unique blend of skills that encompass leadership and team management, special education compliance and effectiveness, academic pedagogy and curriculum development, professional development and equity through the K-12 school system. Her journey is distinguished by a proven track record of adeptly leading school systems, launching transformative EdTech products, and skillfully managing teams.

During her time as Chief Academic Officer, Coretta's responsibilities included overseeing academic leaders and ensuring coordination among cross-functional teams covering teaching and learning, data and technology, equity and engagement, compliance and development, as well as board management. She has also gained valuable expertise through consultancy roles at TNTP and Inspiring Teachers, where she provided guidance to district leaders, conducted curriculum and pedagogy training, and designed professional development programs for educators globally, incorporating culturally relevant best practices for adult learning.

Coretta's commitment to education extends beyond her professional accomplishments; her educational journey reflects a relentless dedication to lifelong learning and academic excellence. She earned a BS from Howard University and an MA from the University of Southern California. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts in Global Development at Harvard University, further expanding her knowledge in the field of global education.  Additionally, Coretta has earned several graduate certifications, including a Social Justice Certificate from Harvard, a Project-Based Learning Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania, a Data, Economics, and Development Policy MicroMasters from MITx, and the completion of a National Initiative Fellowship with Yale University's Department of Mathematics.

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