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David Pinder

Senior Associate

Over the last 22 years, Dr. Pinder has worked to advance outcomes for students and industry through the work of leadership and staff development. He has served as a teacher, department chair, assistant principal, principal, executive director, instructional superintendent, and Chief of Leadership Development. Pinder has consulted with numerous districts, industry leaders, and universities in leadership development design and effective human capital practices achieving outstanding results. He has served as adjunct faculty for American University and Johns Hopkins University, teaching principles of leadership and policy. Dr. Pinder has also spearheaded research around efficacy and its impact on leadership effectiveness.


Dr. Pinder believes that talent development, strong systems, and leadership pathways are the most important resources for any organization to accelerate results. 


Dr. Pinder earned a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in 2017 in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education. He has also received training in equity leadership through the Harvard University Superintendent’s Institute (2018). Most recently, Dr. Pinder received a certificate in educational finance from Georgetown University.


Dr. Pinder has received numerous recognitions for his work in leadership including the Education Champion, America Achieves (2009-2014), Principal of the Year, DC Public Schools (2012), National Blue Ribbon Award Principal (20120, Alternative Educator of the Year, Baltimore County Public Schools (2004).

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