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Don Killingbeck

Senior Associate

Dr. Don Killingbeck is a tried and true educational leader with experiences ranging from President of the Teachers Union to Superintendent of Schools, a position he has held for a decade. Killingbeck, has expertise in educational technology, strategic planning, branding/communication, and school finance with a focus on resource allocation for improved student achievement, program development, school safety, and developing and coaching other leaders. He is passionate about supporting student success for all children and believes education is more than just a career; it's his life calling. 

Under Don’s leadership, his district received state and national attention including accolades such as Michigan’s Innovative District of the Year in 2022, the National Merit Award for Digital and Print Publications, and KIllingbeck was a finalist for the National EdTech Star Award for 2022. In concert with his passion for education, Don is the author of a children's book about teamwork and resilience, and has two other books in the pipeline: the first about school finance and the other about education and innovation. 

Don earned his undergraduate in secondary education from Southeastern University, a master's degree in educational technology and instruction design from Michigan State University, another master's degree in educational leadership from Grand Valley State University, and his educational specialist and a doctorate in educational leadership from Central Michigan University. His research includes the benefits of technology in the classroom, school safety, practices that work with at-risk youth, and resource allocation that make a difference. 


Killingbeck is a sought after public speaker, with recent speaking engagements, at the state and national level: 9 Strategies for a Better Budget for Kids (MSBO), Being a Brand Gladiator (NSPRA), DIY Strategic Gladiator (MASB), and 43 Ways to be Less Lame as an Educator (FETC). 

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