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Ed Pietrzak


Ed Pietrzak is a multifaceted STEM educator, data and innovation specialist, and achievement coach who has a passion for teaching, instructional coaching, and magic. Since receiving his Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship Education from the University of Pennsylvania, Ed has created and delivered numerous engaging and impactful professional development workshops for school districts. His work with data analysis in the classroom, along with assessment building and reassessment practices earned him the title of Teacher of the Year. With a background in education and years of experience in the field, Ed has honed his skills as both a teacher and an instructional coach, helping students and fellow educators achieve their full potential.

Beyond the classroom, Ed is also an accomplished magician, captivating audiences with impressive illusions and sleight of hand. His love for magic extends beyond just entertainment, as he incorporates the art of magic into his classroom and professional development sessions, using it as a tool to engage and inspire his students and educators.

Ed was selected by the State of NJ Department of Education to train as an achievement instructional coach, through which he has helped countless teachers improve their classroom management, increase student engagement, build standards-aligned assessments, and overall enhance their effectiveness as educators. Through thoughtful analysis, he is able to innovate in creative ways and provide solutions to outdated systems. Ed is known for his ability to connect with his peers and provide valuable feedback and support, all while making the process enjoyable and fun.

With a passion for both education and magic, Ed is truly a unique and dynamic individual, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both fields. Whether in the classroom or on stage, he is always striving to amaze and inspire those around him.

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