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Gabrielle Morquecho


Dr. Morquecho received a doctorate from the Educational Leadership and Policy program at The University of Buffalo.  Her in-depth exploration of organizational research, theory and systems in both business and schools sparked her interest and passion in leadership. 

Dr. Morquecho’s extensive experience with elementary, middle and high school students, their families, teachers, and staff, set in the context of the educational institution, reinforced her value of integrating theoretical concepts with daily practice to effectively address the developmental needs of students, the special needs of students with disabilities and the context of the educational setting. 

Serving as principal at the largest urban high school in the Buffalo Public School District located in New York State for eight years at Hutchinson Central Technical High School, she utilized research strategies outlined in her dissertation.  Her research focused on urban teachers’ perceptions and behaviors as they relate to conveying a sense of support and caring to students.  Dr. Morquecho built a cognitive “bridge” between her research and daily implementation.  Dr. Morquecho remained focused on disseminating research to her staff and worked collaboratively to implement empirically supported practices. She cultivated a school-wide culture of care that proved to be conducive to learning and growth. 

Dr. Morquecho led her team to prioritize social and emotional strategies supporting a responsive, student-focused school. Added levels of safety enhanced the school environment physically and psychologically.

Dr. Morquecho applies her expertise to develop the leadership skills of current and prospective leaders.  She is dedicated to providing guidance for a thriving culture of leadership and organizational growth.

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