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Kevin Eberle


Dr. Eberle is a passionate and driven school educator who has focused on creating a school culture for all to be successful. He has served four Western New York school districts over the past thirty-two years with the last eighteen in the Buffalo Public School District. As building principal, Dr. Eberle's vision has always focused on enriching the school building environment through cooperative initiatives that are conducive to learning and strive towards the highest student performance. He has redesigned schools by empowering faculties to become true educational leaders within their own classrooms. As an organizational leader, Dr. Eberle believes excellent communication and implementing a total team approach in creating a collegial, trusting, caring, and safe atmosphere, is essential for organizational change. He understands that change is inevitable and must continue to be visionaries for effective change.

Dr. Eberle received his Doctor of Education from The State University of New York at Buffalo concentrating on Educational Leadership and Policy. With a master’s degree in counseling education, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, Dr. Eberle has focused on the social/emotional effects of schools and how to create positive relationships that develop positive learning environments.

As Chief Operations Officer for the Buffalo Public Schools, Dr. Eberle was responsible for Facilities management of eight million square feet of school space, Food/nutrition, Transportation, Safety, and Security for 32,000 students. Within these years as COO, he gained a systemic thought process at a macro level of management and developed vital relationships within the business, district, and municipal communities to focus on collaborative efforts to support our educational mission for academic growth.

Dr. Eberle’s present vision is to assist school personnel with changing the culture and fabric of schools where students are beginning to perform at a higher level. Creating an inviting and safe school environment is essential for academic success. Building relationships is the essence of success for every student and teacher to create a learning environment that is conducive for all students to be academically proficient. Dr. Eberle has attended many professional development and post-graduate seminars including Harvard University Summer Leadership Institutes. He believes we must continue to be lifelong learners to assist the next generation of educators. Dr. Eberle is presently an adjunct professor at Empire State University focusing on School Leadership and Policy.

Dr. Eberle’s foundation for leading people began over forty years ago when he started his professional career in law enforcement. Before entering the field of education, he studied Criminal Justice and was hired as a police officer in Hampton Virginia. Over seven years as an officer, he aspired to be a special weapon and tactical (SWAT) officer along with becoming an instructor in the regional police academy. It was during these years that he developed his teaching, counseling, and leadership skills which were transferable attributes entering the field of education.

Dr. Eberle presently advises Technology companies with school safety and solutions throughout the country. He is committed to the continued focus on the correlation between safe schools and academic success. His passion for civic duties is evident in his continued work as a current or past board member with the Buffalo, NY Police Athletic League, OLV Human Services, and the Family Justice Center of Buffalo, NY.

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