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Lee Gaul


Considered “one of the leading voices in the AI community”, Lee Gaul, founder of Long Horizon AI, is an accomplished AI advisor and speaker with a deep fascination for Large Language Models (LLMs), AI-powered chatbots, alignment, and education. With a background in philosophy and over a decade of experience in the tech industry, Lee brings a unique perspective to the rapidly evolving world of AI. 

Lee's influence as a change agent in education is echoed by the success of the podcast "Sold a Story,” in which he and his daughter Zoe were featured. The podcast's impact has transcended the realm of education, directly influencing policy changes in 15 states that have adopted science-based reading curricula. Its reach and impact are further underscored by Pulitzer Prize-winning podcast creator Ira Glass, who lauds it as having "real political impact in a way no podcast ever has."

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