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Megan Bennett

Senior Associate

Megan Bennett joins the Zeal Education Group from the Phoenix, AZ area with educational experience in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Megan’s professional experience has allowed her to serve students in urban, rural and suburban areas. As a former Connecticut superintendent and current Arizona principal, Megan has led teams to create strategic plans as well as building systems to operationalize the action plans developed in the process. Megan uses her background in curriculum and instruction and as a school and district leader to design for the specific needs of the schools. As a systems thinker, Megan seeks synergies within departments and school functions to maximize school efficiencies.

Megan has 22 years of experience in public school education. She has worked in Central and Western Connecticut schools as a transformative leader, bringing her schools to be recognized as Schools of Distinction and also the 2021 Top Rated Elementary School in Connecticut. Her passion for curriculum and instruction is particularly notable with her work with intervention systems. Her work led her to serve as a special education liaison to the House Majority leader in 2017.

Megan has served as an educational mentor, coach, and consultant in the fields of educational leadership, curriculum, instruction, and assessment (CIA), as well as mathematics. Megan earned her M.A. and Ed. M from Central Connecticut State University and an M.A. from Sacred Heart University. She is a certified educator in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Arizona.

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