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Michael Brownstein


Over the last 25 years, Michael Brownstein has championed educational excellence, organizational growth, and fairness in education. He has held senior leadership roles at educational nonprofits like Virtual Enterprises International and Year Up, dedicated to improving educational outcomes and strategic development.

Michael has led initiatives that significantly enhanced curriculum development, instructional quality, and organizational effectiveness. He also has forged vital partnerships between education programs and industries, empowering youth (ages 16-24) with in-demand workplace skills. Michael believes that strategic planning, strong leadership, and robust partnerships are essential for driving success in education.

Known for his ability to facilitate difficult conversations constructively, Michael helps stakeholders tackle challenges directly, fostering open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving to reduce educational disparities and promote equitable opportunities for all students.

Michael holds an Ed.M. from Teachers College, Columbia University, an M.B.A. from Syracuse University, and a B.A. from Kenyon College. His community involvement includes serving on advisory boards such as the Police Civilian Advisory Board Study Group, and the Boston Day & Evening Academy, underscoring his commitment to educational excellence and fairness.

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