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Michael Hynes

Senior Associate

Dr. Michael Hynes is a career public school educator with over 20 years of administrative experience, twelve of which have been in the role of Superintendent of Schools. His mission is to spread the message of the importance of a holistic approach to educating children, and he emphasizes the importance of play, recess in schools, mental health and yoga and mindfulness in the classroom. 

Dr. Hynes is the author of the book Staying Grounded, has published numerous articles, and has been featured on several podcasts related to school leadership and education. Hynes has focused his work on transforming schools by focusing on wellness, which articulated the significance of social, emotional, physical and cognitive development for students. Dr. Hynes educates organizations on global school initiatives and universal best practices and has worked with the Finnish school system.

Hynes received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Bethany College and his doctorate in educational administration from Dowling College. He is a Fulbright Specialist and an associate professor of education and leadership at Stony Brook University and Long Island University. Dr. Hynes has undergone professional training to integrate organizational learning and school leadership into programs at New York University, Stony Brook University and Harvard University. Dr. Hynes has been awarded the "Friend of Education Award" and the "Distinguished Leadership Award" by Phi Delta Kappa as well as numerous other awards related to leadership.

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