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Rafael Mercado


Rafael Mercado brings over 30 years of multifaceted experiences to the field of education. His evolution from a Mathematics teacher at the middle and high school levels with a Bachelor of Science, a Masters in Mathematics Education and a Masters in Leadership from the State University of NY at Buffalo to Adjunct Professor at Buffalo State University has afforded him the opportunity to hone his educational and leadership skills and to use them to influence the next generation of educational leaders.

Rafael's commitment to ensuring that Science Technology, Arts and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM) can practically be incorporated into the daily lives of students and carried with them as they enter their chosen fields shaped how he prepared student aspirating to become teachers to excel in the classroom, to strategically use data to support outcomes and to expand consideration of career options, including the trades, for students, specifically urban and at risk youth (alternative education.)

Rafael led his teacher teams to strategically use data to influence and drive classroom instruction. Data that informs institutional outcomes needs to be promulgated at all levels and most critically integrated into the practices of the organization. As a school administrator, Rafael’s work was instrumental and led to a

significant increase in passing rate (33%-65%) on the NYS mathematic assessment (Algebra I) in several schools for which he was responsible.

Rafael continues his commitment to systemic growth in the field of education by serving on the Board of Director of Hispanics for Equity and Representation in Education (HERE) and as a member of the Multilingual Education Advisory Committee (MEAC). Through these roles, he advocates for best practices and strives to address the diverse needs of students.

Rafael is confident that enriching the leadership capacities of current and future leaders will lead to desired organizational outcomes. He is committed to bringing his expertise, dedication and advocacy to this important endeavor.

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