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Scott Lindsey


Dr. Scott D. Lindsey serves as the Assistant Superintendent of a small northeastern district with an enrollment of 2500 students. In his current role, Scott oversees federal programs, student services (registration and residency), medical programs and school nurses, career and technical education implementation, home schooling, homelessness and unaccompanied youth, student information system, state data reporting processes and facilitator of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leadership team in his district. Dr. Lindsey is an innovative leader who has established systems and processes that allow for programs to run more efficiently and effectively while minimizing stress on staff and colleagues. 

Scott has held a variety of leadership roles at including Director of Student Services, Director of Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Coordinator, Districtwide Suicide Prevention Officer, and Advanced Placement Coordinator while serving as a High School Assistant Principal. While serving in these roles, Dr. Lindsey became well-versed in the Baldrige Theory that implements systematic change and processes to allow for a school district, building or organization to function using simple systems and processes for effective transition to new leadership. 

Dr. Lindsey believes with effective systems management, passion for educating children, and looking to put the right people in the right positions schools and school districts can flourish in today’s society. 

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