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Thomas Dillon


Lt. Tom Dillon is a decorated law enforcement officer, a renowned school security consultant, and a former public school Director of Safety and Security where he oversaw the development of safety and security plans, and conducted vulnerability assessments that conform to the All Hazard Plan that was instituted as a result of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Over the previous 25 years, Tom served as a Police Officer and various other law enforcement roles. This included the regional SWAT Team for approximately five years where he was promoted to the rank of Detective. As a Detective, Tom was a founding member of the Mid-State Narcotics Task Force, and a member of a regional Major Crime Unit before being promoted to the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant, Tom was assigned as a Patrol Shift Supervisor.

After approximately five years as a Sergeant, Tom was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned as the Commander of the Detective Division where he directly supervised seven detectives. At the same time, Tom was placed in command of the Mid-State Narcotics Task Force and the Capitol Region Emergency Services Task Force Search & Rescue Dive Team. Both task forces placed Tom in command of numerous police officers for Hartford CT area police departments. Tom remained the Detective Division commander until his retirement from the Wethersfield Police Department in September 2010.

As a member of the Wethersfield Police Department, Tom received numerous commendations for his investigative abilities and numerous self-initiated felony investigations. These self-initiated investigations resulted in the arrests and conviction of numerous individuals for major felonies such as homicide, bank robbery, large-scale bank frauds, narcotic violations and burglary. Through the use of confidential informants for twenty years, Tom solved dozens of felony cases not only for Wethersfield PD but for other Hartford area Police Departments where no suspect existed.

During Tom’s 25-year career with the Wethersfield Police Department, Tom has been awarded numerous commendations from the FBI and DEA for his work in narcotics enforcement and bank robbery. Tom was also elected as the Town of Wethersfield Public Safety Officer of the Year, and the Wethersfield Police Department’s Medal of Merit on three occasions and the police department’s Medal of Valor.

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