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Fresh Solutions to Education-Industry Challenges

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​School Safety & Security Audits

Zeal Education Group has significant experience ensuring that students and staff are protected in the event of an emergency and are prepared to assist schools and districts in comprehensively auditing their safety and security practices to ensure they meet and exceed standards. Our service can include the development of handbooks, as well as personnel training.

High-Performing Team Development by Zeal Education

High-Performing Team Development

We are experienced in helping schools and districts with the creation of new teams as well as restructuring, and/or strengthening existing teams at all levels. Zeal Education Group can help you get the most out of your Board of Education, central office administrators, building principals, and teacher leadership teams.

The superintendency is lonely and complex. This position requires what Warren Bennis coined, "stakeholder symmetry." Although many may believe that coaching is only for new superintendents, this is not the case. All leaders need coaching to maximize their performance and effectiveness.

Executive Coaching by Zeal Education

It can be difficult for leaders within an organization to identify those areas that require reinvention or elimination. We offer a fresh perspective and an unbiased evaluation of your organization's functioning and provide concrete, reasonable, and actionable solutions.

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Strategic Planning by Zeal Education

Strategic Planning

Soliciting stakeholder input and developing a strategic plan is a major undertaking for any size school or district. Our firm consists of experts in the field who can help you to craft a strategic plan, that ensures your district - and the people within it - reach their maximum potential.

Program Evaluations by Zeal Education

Program Evaluations

Our creative and thoughtful approach to evaluating curricula, instruction, and educational programs allow us to provide systems with perceptive and relevant insights so that leaders can appropriately plan for the current and future needs of their schools and communities.

Total Executive Transitioning

Our team will assist the Board of Education with everything needed to ensure a successful superintendent transition. From obtaining community input on desired characteristics, contract negotiations, and ongoing coaching and support, we will ensure your next leader is successful.


Boards and their executive leaders play very different, yet critical, roles. The most successful and effective organizations view their Board and Superintendent as a "leadership team" and they make concerted efforts to function in that manner. Regardless of the current state of your Board/Superintendent relationship, we can help to establish the framework that will promote success and clarity.

Organizational Effectiveness Audits by Zeal Education

Strategic Communication

Zeal Education Group is equipped to provide your school or district with a range of tailored communication solutions to meet your needs. We can assist on an ad-hoc basis to curate messaging around acute issues, or we can work with your stakeholders to develop a comprehensive communication plan that includes web and social media enhancements.

Navigating in Woods

Vision Casting

One of the most powerful actions that a school or district can take is to articulate a clear, compelling and coherent vision for the future. In response to your unique circumstances, our firm can either lead the process of creating a shared vision for your community or train your leadership with proven strategies to do it on your own.

Change Management

There is an adage which states that managers help organizations cope with complexity, leaders help organizations cope with change. Our team can help you and your leadership team to develop a strategy for introducing change that is results in commitment rather than compliance for sustainable results.

We tend to underestimate the tremendous impact that classroom and building spaces have on behavior and performance. The color of walls, natural lighting, and desk arrangements all play a critical role. Zeal Education Group can work with your staff, architects, or design team to create spaces that are more student and learning-centered. 

Special Education & 504 Analysis and Development

Our team has the knowledge and skill to assist districts in managing the complex mandates of IDEA and 504 while maintaining quality, personalized programs for students with disabilities.  We help districts identify their strengths, gaps, and develop professional development plans which support high-leverage practices in a fiscally responsible manner.

Technology Planning

Now more than ever, technology is an integral aspect of curricula and instruction. Zeal Education Group has experts who can help your district to develop a technology plan that will ensure your IT infrastructure is future-ready and that you have access to the best solutions for your school or district's needs. No matter how large or small the project, our team can help.

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